Space Moere Project telecoding balloon trajectory realtime visualizer, simulator, log viewer.

  • Balloon trajectory realtime visualize via OSC message
  • Virtual FPV camera
  • Simulation data file visualize (CUSF Landing Predictor )
  • Demo mode: trajectory log file visualize


We used 920MHz band LoRa module for communication between the high-altitude balloon and the ground station to reduce the weight of payload. But with the restriction of transmission time specified by 920MHz band regulations, we couldn’t send large data on a steady basis. So we developed “Petal,” the original language similar to “TidalCycles,” to reduce traffic of codes creating music.


Telecoding Shield for Raspberry Pi Zero is a board that can mount 920 MHz band LoRa module, OSD and DAC chip. Power supply to Raspberry Pi Zero can also be done from this shield in the range of 5V to 14V. If you change the grade of the DC - DC converter, such as changing from Murata's "OKL-T/3-W12N-C" to "OKL-T/6-W12N-C", you can select the current value required for your system. The current can be supplied up to 6 A, it is possible to operate raspberry pi 3. This Shield successfully communicated between the ground and the stratosphere in our project.

Nabra Coder

Nabra coder is a live coding environment by Operational Transformation that allows multiple players to share one editor, and can sessions while coding GLSL and Sonic Pi, and Petal on real time.



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